Quick and Yummy Rice Crispy Treats!

Oh! Hey *wipes crumbs and chocolate off face* I didn’t see you there! I was just enjoying some of the Rice Crispy Treats Wren and I made earlier. We got bored earlier and also wanted some sweets but didn’t have any. But… we did have some ingredients. I almost always find a way to make EXACTLY what I’m craving. I’m…

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Places To Go

Dave & Buster Wednesday’s

    Daddy is finally off from work! That means Mommy Bird gets some kick back time and then we get to do something as a family. Normally, when we have no idea what to do, so we end up running some errands and then come home with a bit of disappointment because we didn’t really do anything¬† fun. ūüôĀ…

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Crafts, Mom Life

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Toddlers!

Valentine’s Day is approaching us! That means it’s time for cute crafts with the little ones. ( whips out the glue, scissors, googley eyes, and whatever else needed to make cute things…) Today, my lovely daughter and I went to Michaels¬†to pick up a couple of the easy and super cheap seasonal crafts. As soon as you walk in…BOOM! Hearts,…

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